Phone:            Announcement date:                Release date:

W302W302              22/07/2008             September 2008

K330K330               17/06/2008             September 2008

G700 Business EditionG700b              17/06/2008           September 2008

F305F305               17/06/2008             September 2008

J132J132               17/06/2008             September 2008

G502cG502c             23/04/2008             September 2008

X1X1                   10/02/2008             September 2008

W595W595               22/07/2008           September 2008

W902W902              22/07/2008               October 2008

T700T700               07/08/2008             September 2008

C905C905               17/06/2008             September 2008

S302S302               17/06/2008               14/10/2008


HPM-77HPM-77          10/02/2008                 June 2008
HBH-PV720HBH-PV720    17/06/2008                 July 2008
IDC-31IDC-31            19/06/2008             September 2008
IDC-32IDC-32            19/06/2008             September 2008
IDC-33IDC-33            19/06/2008             September 2008
IDC-34IDC-34            19/06/2008             September 2008
ITC-60ITC-60            17/06/2008             September 2008
HBH-PV715HBH-PV715    17/06/2008             September 2008
CPP-100CPP-100          17/06/2008               October 2008
CBC-100CBC-100          17/06/2008               October 2008

HBH-PV740HBH-PV740    17/06/2008               October 2008


13 thoughts on “Releases

  1. ERNIE

    i love the w980i iit deserves the award,this is best outlooking phone ever made by sony,i havent used it but i really sure about what it can,coz its lavida

  2. Ralse

    What do release dates mean concrete?
    Will it be in the shops or just available for order from S-ECS?

    I have just purchased the C702 from eBay last friday, it should arrive either today or tomorrow…

  3. Ralse

    Maximys, thanks for your reply, but our shops all deny they have the phone.
    Some have never heard of it, others say it will be release end of this year.
    One has it in his system as status ordered, but no delivery yet and they can’t give an ETA.

    I’m not very confident we’ll see this phone here soon…
    I need one for my cousin as well, so I wanted one with better warrantee then eBay provides.

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  5. domipost

    C905 will not be released in september, but around late november/early december. At least in the Netherlands.

  6. domipost

    Are u sure? That’s really weird. SE said they’re going to release it just before christmas, for their christmas collection :S

  7. domipost

    Well, in the Netherlands they said late Q4, for their winter collection. So that has to be just before christmas.


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