Last update: 17/06/08


C7021.00 W/kg (10g)
C9021.34 W/kg (10g)
C905 – comming soon
F305comming soon
G5021.37 W/kg (10g)
G7001.51 W/kg (10g)
G700bcomming soon
G9001.47 W/kg (10g)
J132comming soon
K200i0.91 W/kg (10g)
K200a1.28 W/kg (10g)
K205i – no information
K220i0.90 W/kg (10g)
K220c0.90 W/kg (10g)
K310i0.64 W/kg (10g)
K310a0.37 W/kg (10g)
K320i0.92 W/kg (10g)
K330comming soon
K510i0.75 W/kg (10g)
K510a1.02 W/kg (10g)
K510c0.75 W/kg (10g)
K530i1.17 W/kg (10g)
K530c1.07 W/kg (10g)
K550i1.25 W/kg (10g)
K550a1.37 W/kg (10g)
K550c1.25 W/kg (10g)
K550im 1.29 W/kg (10g)
K600i0.69 W/kg (10g)
K608i0.78 W/kg (10g)
K610i1.00 W/kg (10g)
K610im 0.69 W/kg (10g)
K630i1.10 W/kg (10g)
K660i0.96 W/kg (10g)
K750i0.99 W/kg (10g)
K770i1.69 W/kg (10g)
K790i0.50 W/kg (10g)
K790a0.64 W/kg (10g)
K790c0.50 W/kg (10g)
K800i0.58 W/kg (10g)
K810i1.31 W/kg (10g)
K818c1.34 W/kg (10g)
K850i1.14 W/kg (10g)
K850a1.50 W/kg (10g)
K858c1.14 W/kg (10g)
M600i1.15 W/kg (10g)
P1i    –    0.59 W/kg (10g)
P1c   –    0.59 W/kg (10g)
P990i0.78 W/kg (10g)
R300comming soon
R306comming soon
S302comming soon
S500i0.77 W/kg (10g)
S500a1.35 W/kg (10g)
S500c0.77 W/kg (10g)
T250i0.83 W/kg (10g)
T258c0.83 W/kg (10g)
T280i0.96 W/kg (10g)
T3030.44 W/kg (10g)
T650i1.80 W/kg (10g)
T658c1.19 W/kg (10g)
V600i0.86 W/kg (10g)
V630i1.09 W/kg (10g)
V640i1.10 W/kg (10g)
W200i0.81 W/kg (10g)
W200a0.61 W/kg (10g)
W200c0.81 W/kg (10g)
W300i1.20 W/kg (10g)
W300c1.20 W/kg (10g)
W302comming soon
W350i1.46 W/kg (10g)
W350a1.48 W/kg (10g)
W380i0.65 W/kg (10g)
W380a0.69 W/kg (10g)
W550i0.77 W/kg (10g)
W600i1.26 W/kg (10g)
W580i0.74 W/kg (10g)
W580a1.26 W/kg (10g)
W580c0.74 W/kg (10g)
W580im0.74 W/kg (10g)
W595 – comming soon
W610i1.31 W/kg (10g)
W610a1.38 W/kg (10g)
W610c1.31 W/kg (10g)
W660i1.27 W/kg (10g)
W700i0.78 W/kg (10g)
W700a0.33 W/kg (10g)
W700c0.78 W/kg (10g)
W710i0.93 W/kg (10g)
W710c0.93 W/kg (10g)
W712a0.91 W/kg (10g)
W760i0.53 W/kg (10g)
W800i0.85 W/kg (10g)
W810i0.99 W/kg (10g)
W810c0.64 W/kg (10g)
W830i0.39 W/kg (10g)
W850i0.60 W/kg (10g)
W880i1.45 W/kg (10g)
W888c1.44 W/kg (10g)
W890i1.38 W/kg (10g)
W900i0.70 W/kg (10g)
W902comming soon
W908c0.95 W/kg (10g)
W910i0.90 W/kg (10g)
W950i1.35 W/kg (10g)
W958c1.23 W/kg (10g)
W960i0.95 W/kg (10g)
W980icomming soon
X1comming soon
Z250i – no information
Z250a – no information
Z258c – no information
Z300i0.752 W/kg (10g)
Z310i0.70 W/kg (10g)
Z310a0.96 W/kg (10g)
Z320i0.86 W/kg (10g)
Z320a0.63 W/kg (10g)
Z520i0.962 W/kg (10g)
Z525a1.47 W/kg (10g)
Z530i0.88 W/kg (10g)
Z550i1.15 W/kg (10g)
Z555i1.02 W/kg (10g)
Z555a0.67 W/kg (10g)
Z558i1.15 W/kg (10g)
Z610i1.32 W/kg (10g)
Z710i0.87 W/kg (10g)
Z712a0.87 W/kg (10g)
Z750i1.04 W/kg (10g)
Z750a1.42 W/kg (10g)
Z770i0.44 W/kg (10g)
Z780comming soon


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