August 21
                                             Bella T-Mobile

                                                August 7

                                                  July 22
  W302        W595       W595s        W595s        W902
   W302              W595           W595s             W707             W902
    Feng                Linda             Linette               Alicia               Patti
                                              (cancelled)       (cancelled)

                                                  June 17
C905  F305G700 Business Edition J121i J132K330S302
  C905        F305      G700b      J121        J132       K330       S302
  Shiho         Ying     Josephine                      Lee       Oceana        An

                                                  April 23
                           G502                              Z780
                            G502                                     Z780
                             Emilie                                     Bella 

                                           March 4 (CeBIT)

                                        February 10 (3GSM)
X1 W980i Z770i C702C902G700 G900
__X1____ W980i      Z770i       C702      C902       G700       G900
  Venus    Madonna     Becky        Ning        Alona    Josephine    Tyra

                                              January 24
       T270i              T280i             R300              R306
        T270i                    T280i                   R300                     R306
      Angelika                Angelina                    Lei                         Jiali

                                               January 7
         W350i                       W760i                       Z555i
         W350i                            W760i                            Z555i
        Johanna                            Deena                         Magdalena

                                            November 6
         K660i                       W890i                      W380i
          K660i                            W890i                           W380i
           Chen                               Akiko                              Lena


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