10 thoughts on “Other

  1. Miranda McCurlie


    I just got the Sony Ericsson 850 and I love it. Are you reviewing out of Canada or the US? I am assuming the latter.

    What is the codenames/hide names all about? Were you at CES?

    Are you on twitter?


  2. benji81

    hi, my W850i don’t start and the the display it remains white man and it emits a bip, why? please help me!

  3. Jada Milner

    Hey Iam so in love with the K750i phone,but itr rather hard to get them here in Zambia South of Africa, I so love to get me another one,but its difficult are you able to give me infor on how I

  4. Jada Milner

    how I could get one direct from you with all the necessary acessories and how much I get it for in US dollars……

  5. fire_rw

    Talk about a really bad company.

    My ear hook broke on my handsfree about 2 months outside of warranty. The only place I can get a replacement part is through the company website. The part costs 6 bucks. No big deal. But the company wants 45 bucks to ship it. WHAT ! Do they not know about the mail? An envelope by mail is about 5 bucks. So I called them hoping to be able to have it shipped in anormal fashion. No way. No recourse. No help…. and they didn’t care.

    So…don’t buy from this company. They don’t deserve our money or our support.


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