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Coming soon

It’s not release of PlayNow Arena. It’s new season at SEMC Blog.

PlayNow Arena

Sony Ericsson announced PlayNow Arena at the beginning of 2008. According to Swedish resources, Sony Ericsson on Monday will launch PlayNow Arena service for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. With PlayNow Arena you can download full music track, games, ringtones, wallpapers and themes!

TM506 Press Release


Sony Ericsson officially announced clamshell Z780 in April. Today, 4 month later, Sony Ericsson finally presented to us new clamshell TM506. TM506 is copy of a Z780, specially for T-Mobile. TM506 has same as Z780 design and specifications. TM506
TM506 has two very same colours: TM506Chromatic Amber and TM506Vivid Emerald. Z780 also has two very same colours. Names of TM506‘s colours are very strange. Model name of this clamshell is also strange for Sony Ericsson portfolio. In TM506Chromatic Amber colour phone is black, sides are silver and keys are orange. In TM506Vivid Emerald colour phone is also black, but sides and keys are green.


Release date of TM506 will be in September.

K770’s new colours

You remember the new colour of K770i Star Heaven Silver? Now Sony Ericsson officially presented to us this colour + pink colour (that was already sold in the shops) + two new colours. So, Sony Ericsson presented four new colours of K770i: K770iNatural Brown, K770iSerene Black, K770iStar Heaven Silver and K770iTouch Of Pink. New colours will be available in selected markets.

Sony Ericsson announced K770i one year ago with only two colour variations: K770iTruffle Brown and K770iUltra Violet. Later Sony Ericsson presented K770iSandy Beige. In 2008 Sony Ericsson announced K770iHenna Bronze and K770iSoft Black colours.

Now K770i has the most number of colours from all Sony Ericsson phones – 9 colours: K770iTruffle Brown, K770iSandy Beige, K770iUltra Violet, K770iHenna Bronze, K770iSoft Black, K770iNatural Brown, K770iSerene Black, K770iStar Heaven Silver and K770iTouch Of Pink.

New accessories

New accessories now available at Sony Ericsson web-site, but yet without images. Only CLA-70 has some images:

– Standard Battery BST-41:
– Mini-USB Charger CMU-20:
– Mini-USB Cable DMU-70:
– Stylus Pack ISP-90:
– Cigarette Lighter Adapter CLA-70:

K550i and W660i

K550i and W660i, old phones from Sony Ericsson, now got new colours. K550iK550iSophisticated Silver, and W660iW660iSilk White. As for me, W660i in new colour looks very good. New colour of K550i looks good too.