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Multimedia Phone

Multimedia Phone

You remember new Sony Ericsson device, that was leaked in May at the JavaOne conference? SEMC Blog got some high-resolution pics. We can see different design of one phone, so it was only prototype. Can it be early prototype of X1? Oh, and here some pics:

Multimedia Phone

Multimedia Phone

Multimedia Phone


T700 Promo-video

Exclusive! SEMC Blog got promo-video of the new Sony Ericsson T700.

As for me, video is very beautiful!

Remi is T700


Today SEMCBlog got nice exclusive for you! Real model name of Remi. Remi, well-known as T610’s remake, is a true T610 sucessor.So, Remi is T700 – mid-end stick phone with A2-platform, HSDPA, QVGA-display and 3.2-Mp camera without autofocus. T700 has 3 colours: black-silver, black-red and one white colour. Announcement date of T700 will be very soon.

New unannounced Accessoires!

SEMC Blog got some informations about new, unannouned accessoires from Sony Ericsson. Here is list of unannounced accessories:  

BST-41 – Standard Battery (for X1)
CMU-20 – Mini-USB Charger (for J132 and X1)
DMU-70 – Mini-USB Cable (for J132 and X1)
ISP-90 – Stylus Pack (for X1)
CLA-70 – Cigarette Lighter Adapter (for J132 and X1)
IPC-50 – A splash proof case for outdoor activities (we know this accessory from J132-K330 press release)