TM506 Press Release


Sony Ericsson officially announced clamshell Z780 in April. Today, 4 month later, Sony Ericsson finally presented to us new clamshell TM506. TM506 is copy of a Z780, specially for T-Mobile. TM506 has same as Z780 design and specifications. TM506
TM506 has two very same colours: TM506Chromatic Amber and TM506Vivid Emerald. Z780 also has two very same colours. Names of TM506‘s colours are very strange. Model name of this clamshell is also strange for Sony Ericsson portfolio. In TM506Chromatic Amber colour phone is black, sides are silver and keys are orange. In TM506Vivid Emerald colour phone is also black, but sides and keys are green.


Release date of TM506 will be in September.


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