Walkman Colours

July 22

You know, that main colours of Walkman logo is light orange or hot orange, but phones, that will come on July 22 has another colours.

Lets start with W302. Main colour of W302 is black. We saw this colour on the leaked pics. But W302 has one more colour. This colour has white back and silver front.

Next phone – W595. Stylish Walkman slider has 5 different colours (!): blue, white, grey and two special black colours. In blue version all phone coloured with dark blue colour, other parts of phone coloured with light blue. In white version – all phone is white, other parts are red. In grey colour all phone is grey, other parts coloured in turquoise. Other two black colours are very same, but in one version Walkman logo is orange (light orange, same to gold), in second version Walkman logo is also orange (but this colour is hot orange, same to red). Colours of W595 are same to W380‘s colours. W380 also has grey-turquoise colour + two black colours. We saw spy-pic of W595 in blue, in white and in one black colour.

Third phone is Patty. W902, high-end Walkman phone, has 3 colours. But this colours are very same. In all three versions phone is black. Only navigation key and sides have different colours.

P.S. I can’t tell to you original names of colours. OK. I tell you only names of W302‘s colours: Midnight Black and Sparkling White. Good luck!


One thought on “Walkman Colours

  1. Kucing Garong

    SE isn’t creative lately, even when it comes to color name selection. ‘midnight’, ‘sparkling’, are not something new at all. Please change them to ‘Jazz Black’ or ‘Emo Silver’. That’d be fresh and suitable for music-centric devices.

    well, don’t listen to me, SE. LOL


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