Alicia’s name

SEMC Blog will be first. Now I tell you real model name of Alicia – new Walkman phone from Sony Ericsson. So, name of Alicia is W707. W707 is Walkman-branded clamshell with two external screens. W707 has elder sister – clamshell W980. Same design, but W707 has lower name and lower features (no 8 GB memory, FM-transmitte). Alicia has 3.2-Mp camera with fixed focus (without AF). Same camera has W890, W980, W595 and Remi. For music fans, W707 has a clear audio experience. W707 doesn’t have stereo loudspeakers (like W980), only one speaker inside under keys.


P.S. Also Remi has a real name, but that’s later..


14 thoughts on “Alicia’s name

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