W580i Jungle Green

First live pic of W580i in new colour Jungle Green.



4 thoughts on “W580i Jungle Green

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  2. Mack in Nashville

    Have had a w580i for about 2 months now. Added a 2GB mem stick (US$50 at best buy) and so far, this really has been my favorite phone. Great sound on phone calls and the walkman through the headphones, and better than expected sound on the walkman even thru speaker rather than headphones. ( i hit play and stick it in my pocket )

    at the risk of sounding like a company plant – this phone is great, has fast internet access & will run Opera mini and other java apps like Gmail, etc – and for my purposes anyway, the only thing an iphone has over this is the touch screen and a really expensive monthly data plan. But until I had the walkman, i was pretty OK with my phone just being a phone. 😉

  3. tally

    i bought this handy (in green)in ebay.but now i see the colours right by the handy,and now i think..it isn’t beutiful.
    can anybody tell me,if it is beutiful by the colours in jungle green?



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