Cancelled phones

New list at SEMC Blog. Sony Ericsson cancelled phones.
 – S600i (announced, but cancelled)
Codename – Ellen. W550i – it’s copy of S600i + Walkman player + 256 Mb memory
 – W715a (unanounced)
Codename – unknown. W715a – special version of W710i + PTT
 – Z715a (unanounced)
Codename – unknown. Z715a – special version of Z710i + PTT
 – M610i (unanounced)
Codename – Lizy. M610i – successor of M600i.
 – K768c (unanounced)
Codename – Veronica. K768c – it’s non-3G version of K770i
 – W898c (announced, but cancelled)
Codename – unknown. W898c – it’s non-3G version of W890i
 – Z668c (unanounced)
Codename – unknown. Z668c – it’s non-3G version of Z660i (Z660i renamed to Z770i)
 – T270i (announced, but cancelled)
Codename – Angelika. T270i + camera = T280i
 – K820i (unanounced or renamed)


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