Xperia X1 pics

What happened with Sony Ericsson? Today Sony Ericsson updated official pics of XPERIA X1. At this pics removed Windows logo at left button.
Please see it:


Other picture: 

Left keys in zoom:

All pics at XPERIA X1 mini-site too edited. HQ pics at Media Library not updated yet. Why Sony Ericsson removed Windows logo from X1? I don’t know.


10 thoughts on “Xperia X1 pics

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  2. norti

    I think that’s because that button is for the 9-panel interface, which is a SE invention – as stated before -, so it would be misleading if it would display a Windows logo 🙂

  3. Harry

    norti seems to be right… As I have used one, the windows logo button opens te xperia application, so having a windows logo is not only misleading but also point less…

  4. Dominick

    It wasn’t allso there at the model I saw at CeBIT. But it was there at the picture in the booklet I got there :S

  5. xperia x1

    Interesting, I can understand why it would be misleading to have the windows logo there, but since Windows mobile is one of the highest selling points of the xperia x1, you would think they would want to keep it on there. Just a thouhght.


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