WLAN in K850’s firmware

Realy nice text labels from K850’s firmware. This labels means, that platform A2 support WLAN. Here list of all text labels, that consist word “WLAN”:

#1 Select to connect to your email server via WLAN. Mobile network will be used if WLAN is unavailable.
#2 Allow WLAN
#3 Select whether to allow a local connection, for example, via Bluetooth, USB, IR or WLAN if supported.
#4 Available WLAN
#5 WLAN connection canceled
#6 If you select automatic , the phone will automatically connect to the network as soon as it is available and WLAN functionality is on .
#7 Create a direct connection between two devices by entering the WLAN name ( SSID ) and other settings.
#8 Create AdHoc WLAN
#9 Manually enter the WLAN name ( SSID ) and settings to connect to a network.
#10 You must save the WLAN before you edit.
#11 No WLAN found
#12 You must connect to a WLAN before you save .
#13 Connected to WLAN
#14 Disconnected from WLAN
#15 Turn off WLAN
#16 Turn on or off Wireless Local Area Network functionality . Turning WLAN off reduces power consumption .
#17 Turn on WLAN
#18 WLAN turned off
#19 WLAN turned on
#20 WLAN display name
#21 WLAN name ( SSID )
#22 WLAN


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