Exclusive! On 3GSM will be announced successor of K810i, new Cyber-shot phone with same features like in K850i. The name of new phone – K820i.

– codename – unknown (maybe Lin?)
 – 5-Mp camera with flash
 – platform A2
 – near display – 8 indicators (like in K810i)
 – the second main thing except camera – it’s design
 – will be avaiable in two colours


5 thoughts on “Exclusive!

  1. WhiteEye

    Is it the blue GPS-enabled phone posted by GSM Arena?? Does it have ‘normal’ Dpad and 2.2″ display?

    Thank you.

  2. chombos1

    that blue cybershot is not the K810 successor.

    it is more like a downgraded K850i——just like the K770 relation with K800/K810

    btw– that blue cybershot is very ugly… i think (at least the blue on)… looks more like a chinese rip-off.

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