Illumination effects

Nice flash-picture (SWF) for Sony Ericsson phones, which manages illumination. Set this picture on the background, and illumination of joystick, soft-keys and keyboard will change every second. For the S500i and W580i every second change colors of illuminations on the sides. Tested on W580i and W610i. Must working at all Sony Ericsson phones, that supported flash (SWF).
You can download it here.


13 thoughts on “Illumination effects

  1. not_me

    the animation obviously works on my w910i, but the rest gives an error message about link not available, because it doesn’t support illumination effects

  2. Playme2loud

    Ive been looking for this and they usually say u need to mod the phone or flash it.They make it sound dificult and all along it was just a flash file,cool!!!! thanks a lot for this

  3. redsky

    how can i save the swf file pls? i went to the link but it just shows me the picture animation…. and i dont have any option like “save picture or target as”… thank you

  4. Sony-Ericsson-Dude

    I got this on my S500i, and it works great =P
    The “every second changing” light effects are cool!

  5. Ludovicus

    Wow, this looks really cool!
    Can you provide us with the code for illumination effects? For some reason I can’t get this to work myself. Im using Flash 8 and exporting in lite 1.1 but light effects won’t work, even if I copy code straight from a working file. After editing working files, they stop working also.

    Kind regards,


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