Exclusive! I found on SE site profiles of unknown phones.

Remember, we found some videos on Fun&Download site. The names of those videos are: Test_Z770, test_K660, test_B123, Test_T270, test_W350, Test_W890, test_K123, test_Z555, Test_W380, Test_G900, test_K112, test_K125, test_A120, Test_A140, test_K111, Test_T280, test_W980, Test_R300, test_A125, test_A155, Test_K205 and Test_G700. Videos doesn’t interesting (It’s only one video with different names. You can download it here). More interesting names of this files. 22 names. 9 announced phones. 13 unknown phones and codenames. Recently I found some profiles of this phones on Sony Ericsson site.
All profiles – it’s a copies of one file. You can see it:

Test_Z770 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/Z770iR101.xml
test_B123 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/B123iR101.xml
test_K123 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/K123iR101.xml
Test_G900 //no profile
test_K112 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/K112iR101.xml
test_K125 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/K125iR101.xml
test_A120 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/A120iR101.xml
Test_A140 //no profile
test_K111 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/K111iR101.xml
test_W980 http://wap.sonyericsson.com/UAprof/W980iR101.xml
test_A125 //no profile
test_A155 //no profile
Test_G700 //no profile

For example, I open profile of W980i. Some interesting things, what I seen.
1. Beginning of profile. Model name – W980i. Screen size – 240×320.
2. Phone include Nokia UI API. That means: phone has three soft-keys.
3. Bluetooth version – 2.0 Browser – NetFront 3.4


2 thoughts on “Exclusive! I found on SE site profiles of unknown phones.

  1. Christopher

    Man, I’m really tired of these hasty conclusions. Who the hell gave you the idea that Nokia UI API means three softkey layout ? The Nokia UI API has NOTHING to do with this, and it has been in SE phones even before the K700.
    Thanks for your work Maximys, but try to keep it clean from speculations like this.


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